presented at the MDW Fair in October of 2012.

We look for the bizarre, the irreverent, the trans, the faggy, the other, the neon, the abrasively shiny and the gaudy. What then could be more appropriate for us at MDW, the Midway Fair but to invoke the midway in the gnarliest and carnie-est sense of the word? We sought out works that together reference all the sideshow trimmings of any good midway. The resulting collection of works is a great mix of photography, sculpture, and video from an international crew of artists. By presenting the work with a bit of showmanship we intended to suggest MDW Fair goers to get down like clowns and let their freak flags fly.

Featuring the work of: Whitney Bradshaw, Jessica Dean Camp, April Childers, Jenny Drumgoole, Evan Jenkins, Cole Don Kelley, Shiyuan Liu, Heidi Norton, and Wolfie E. Rawk.